Welcome to Raindance Farm
"There's nothing better than riding a fine horse into new country"
-Gus McCrae, Lonesome Dove

Our Arabian Horses

We have a passion for Arabian horses and love to share it!                             Enjoy our website!

My name is Ann Almond and I have owned, raised, bred (once!), and trained Arabian horses for over 30 years. Starting with an 11 month old colt, Baskbandit, as my first horse, my love for this breed and their willing attitude, intelligence, grace, and undeniable beauty, grew into a life that I absolutely love. I enjoy long distance trail riding and camping with our horses. I thank God our Creator each and everyday for this wonderful life! After raising Bask, I purchased a lovely filly, Sahara Firestar, and several years later would help foal my only homebred, Harmony Raindance, whom our farm is named after. Rain has captured my heart and imagination! Bill acquired Opal Starlight, a lovely and sweet grey mare. We recently found a gorgeous, sweet, and willing Straight Egyptian, 5 year old, gelding, Megatron MFA, whom we affectionately call Shadarch. He is coming along great with his training.  Please look for my stories coming soon! The photos on this website are un-retouched: our horses are natural beauties.